ABSOLUTE OUTDOOR Onyx M-24 Manual Inflatable Vest

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I used this for the first time yesterday while kayaking. Perfect pfd for me. It was almost like I wasn’t wearing one. I chose this one over the In-Sight because I thought the attached D ring was a more efficient accessory than the ability to see CO2 cartridge status through a clear window. Why? Because I’m going to inspect the vest before I go out, and instead of looking through the window, I’ll just pull back the cover a bit. The D-ring is, in my opinion, an important place to hang some (or at least one) need accessories, such as your whistle.

If you’re a recreational kayaker, with no intent of whitewater or surf kayaking, this may be the pfd you’re looking for.

Update. I recently bought a rearming kit, because I wanted to try this thing out. Just in case I ever really needed to use it, I wanted to know what to expect. I jumped in the pool, quit trying to float, and pulled the cord. Wow! does it inflate quickly, and it keeps me afloat just fine. I’m 6’1″, about 220 lbs, and it does the job. You will float, and face up. And, rearming is a breeze. I feel even better now that I’ve tried it out, that this was a great buy.

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Top Critical Review

Okay, I’m more mad at myself than this product but here’s my experience. I attempted to read the 14 pages of instructions while familiarizing myself with the vest. Most of the instructions were safety disclaimers and other stuff repeated over and over that has two purposes, one, to provide safety information and two, too provide escape clauses for lawsuits. Technical details were somewhat obscured in all the other escape clause language. In my exploration I exposed the mechanism that the CO2 cartridge attaches to and pulled the lever before even installing the cartridge. NOT GOOD!!! It breaks the green plastic pin that couldn’t have cost more than 1/4 cent to manufacture and thus necessitates buying a rearm kit IF YOU CAN FIND IT!!!! ….FOR OVER $15. There is a tag on it that has a picture of the mechanism and a red x on it but it falls way short of saying, “DON’T TEST OPERATE THIS LEVER UNLESS YOU WANT TO BUY A REARM KIT!!!” So, now being royally p.o’ed at my mistake made easier by this company’s failure to adequately warn me, I look for a rearm kit as shown on the label on the vest that states EXACTLY “Use only ONYX/KENT rearm kit #1350.” So before YOU buy this, copy and paste the rearm kit in the search box. THEY DON’T HAVE THEM!! I bought a replacement by visual looks. NOT VERY SMART FOR A DEVICE THAT IS SUPPOSED TO SAVE YOUR LIFE. So then, in anger, I think, “This is just not right, my mistake but if you can’t even find a rearm kit then I’m going to return it.” WRONG!! THEY WON’T TAKE IT BACK! SOMETHING ABOUT RESHIPPING A CO2 CARTRIDGE OR SOME OTHER CARP. I’m sure other manufacturers have similar design features that make it equally as easy to reach in my wallet again but to not be able to find the exact kit, that’s just not right. Bad juju on them. $100 PLUS BUCKS ON A VEST THAT I AM SUBSTITUTING A REARM KIT ON. KILL ME.
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Customer Questions & Answers

what is model number of this vest?
Answer: It is model number 131000-100-004-15

I plan to use this device while wade fishing in saltwater. Does the CO2 cartridge have any corrosion issues in a saltwater environment?
Answer: If using the vest in salt water, we suggest rinsing the vest off after each use and letting hang to dry out, including the mechanism/CO2 cylinder.

Is the manual onix have a indicator to tell me the condition of the C 02 for changing out when needed ..???
Answer: You don’t need it because bottle is new up to utilisation.

Is this a one fit all, I need a 3x
Answer: We have 2. They seem to be the same size. You adjust the straps. One fits L female, one fits 2XL male. About 3″ of strap left extra on the male. One size fits all, i’m thinking.

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