Aoneky 2mm Archery Backstop

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Heavy-duty archery backstop for use with bows up to 45 lbs

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Customer Questions & Answers

Do arrows catch in the material or fall to the ground? How far in front of a wall should it be hung? 20 lb recurve bow at about 8 yards.
Answer: 20 lb field point will never penetrate it. I would say 12 inches. Do NOT tie the bottom down, let it drape freely.

I shoot 65 lbs at 20 yards and have shot 1000 arrows , not one made it through.

Is it weatherproof, ie. Can it be left outside(in the rain)?
Answer: I never leave my backstop outdoors due to weather conditions. The size allows me to hang it on the fence line with each usage. Therefore it remains in pristine condition. Extreme lasting heat conditions, flooding, high humidity, which causes mold and mildew to grow on everything is the reason.

I will need a a frame to mount. What would you suggest?

Most important thing – do Not fasten tight at all 4 corners, let it hang loose at the bottom. If you don’t arrows on 40#+ bows will Pentwater at 20 yards or less.

Options to hang:

1 – construct a 2″ pvc pipe stand – $25

How will this hold up to being shot with blunt heads? For reasons I can’t shoot field points at home so I was hoping to use the net as a target
Answer: As long as you’re using field tips on a traditional bow (not a crossbow), it should do fine with a normal archery target. I’ve used it from 30 feet with a 40# bow with no problem. Keep in mind, it is a back stop and not a target. Also, it should be hung from the top only and left hanging, so it absorbs the shock.

How far behind target should we hang the backstop?
Answer: I have mine hanging right behind the target and have had no problems with it stopping arrows from a #40 recurve bow from 25 feet. Make sure to leave the bottom and sides hang free to allow to backstop to absorb the arrow shock. As stated in the instructions, do not use the backstop with a crossbow.

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