ArcheryMax Handmade Brown Leather Three Finger Archery Gloves

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Material: Cow Leather and mesh

Top Positive Review

I am an amateur shooter, with some moderate skill. I have a compound bow tuned to about #55lbs. And for the last 20 years pretty much everyone has used a trigger release and I have been similarly encouraged to use one. I tried for about the first year, with instruction, using a trigger release. I went to about every forum related to archery to see what the consensus was on using a glove for a compound bow, which I quickly learned was “are you crazy/stupid/etc?”.

However switching to a glove has personally improved my aim immeasurably. I bet this comment alone will invite a host of other shooters to chime in about what I was doing wrong or whatever, but the bottom line is I am hitting my target regularly with the glove at a variety of distances.

About the glove itself. I am sure there are probably higher quality models. So far however this has worked fine. I bought a large and it does run a bit small. Otherwise the construction is of good quality thus far and I am hitting my target so not much bad I can say about it.

I have gone through well over a a hundred shots since purchase and there is virtually no wear whatsoever.

Top Critical Review

I have large hands, but not extra-large hands. The fingers are tight, but would possibly stretch to fit better. The bigger problem, is that the item is too short. The securing strap is around the bottom joint of my thumb, rather than around my wrist. That makes it very uncomfortable. See pictures. In one picture, I have place this item over a large work glove. You can see how much lower the work glove wrist strap is. The other picture isn’t as obvious, but the wrist strap sits on the lower thumb joint, constraining the thumb, and causing chaffing.

Customer Questions & Answers

Is this glove for right handed, or left handed shooters, or is an ambidextrious fit guaranteed?
Answer: This glove suit for both right and left hand .

does this fit both right and left hand? or is it right hand only?
Answer: It is literally a left handed glove. I have one and had to make alterations for it to fit my right hand correctly. Regardless of what the description says it’s not ambidextrous in the slightest.

Would a Medium fit a 9 year old boy and he is pretty big so he probably has the hands of a 12 year old?
Answer: Id say go for large. My hand from bottom of palm to top of middle finger is 7.5in. The large version reaches right below my palm when I open my hand. So it??s just big enough. If his hands are shorter, it should allow him to Velcro it further down his wrist and be more comfortable and tighter.

Your glove looks very heavy period I have a bear paw products size large that I love. What size would you recommend
Answer: I ordered a size ‘large’ and was surprised at how small it was compared to other size ‘large’ gloves I’ve bought. It was too small, by quite a lot, for my hand. My hand is 3-3/4″ across the flat palm, middle finger is 3-1/2″ long.

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