Bear Archery Apprentice Bow Set.

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Youth bow set comes ready to shoot with two Safety glass target arrows and a target

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I got this bow for my son (8) and daughter (10) a few weeks ago to teach them the basics of archery without moving to a more advanced bow. It has foam rollers for them to use rather than a release like you would use for a compound bow you may use for hunting. So far it holds up well and they are shooting at about 10-15 yards to learn consistency and shooting form. I do think they will move up to a bow with a heavier draw (I believe this one goes from 6-13 lbs) shortly but for $30 and gauging their interest in the sport I thought this would be great. It has certainly met the intentions of what we bought it for. Younger kids could definitely also use this bow as my two are probably on the older side but this was the first bow they learned to shoot with much at home. One downside is that it only comes with two arrows. We were doing a lot of walking back and forth to the target for just two arrows, so I bought three more which works out great. Doing it again, I would probably just buy it all together if anyone is looking for advice. Note that there is no sight or ability to put a sight on this bow but again, this bow seems more introductory to get kids to learn how to pull back and fire arrows than to become a marksman archer. However, for $30 you won’t find much downside if you are trying to introduce your kids to archery at a young age.

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Top Critical Review

We were pretty disappointed in this. It gives a peak draw weight range but the bow is not adjustable at all. I called Bear and I was increadably disappointed in my conversation with them. The gentleman I spoke with didn’t seem like he really knew what he was talking about but he did confirm what my eyes told me that there was no way to adjust the draw weight on this bow. He explained that what was labeled as the peak draw weigh range just meant that the lower number was the full draw weight once the bow got past the highest draw weight and lowered once the cams went past that.

I have shot bows for almost 50 years and compound bows for 34 years. I haven’t purchased a new compound for a long time but of the 4 older compound bows i have, it gives a weight range for all my bows. That range is how they are adjustable between that draw range and it then has another number that is the drop off weight to hold the bow at full draw. This no longer seems to be true for any of the starter bows from Bear. The marketing on the packaging and web make you think these bows are adjustable when they are not. You now seem to not only need to really know what your doing but to see the bow in person to determine what it is and if it is truly adjustable.

I would not recommend this bow if you are needing it for a smaller lighter draw weight for a 5 or 6 year old. It is probably suitable for a pre-teen/teen. I bought for the listed lower range peak draw weight which doesn’t actually exist.

Bear has fallen in my estimation significantly that they are using this type of confusing marketing doublespeak now compared to their old very clear declarations of draw weight on recurves and adjustable draw ranges listed on compound bows. They also lost a huge amount of respect when the person in support that I spoke with didn’t seem to actually be an archer. They didn’t seem to even grasp what I was talking about when I spoke of a adjustable draw weight range. I finally just hung up as I was going in circles with him and it was obvious that he didn’t know what I was talking about. I suppose bear has fallen to the cost savings of a call center with minimum wage random people answering the phone and simply reading the specs out of a manual without knowing much about archery if anything like so many other industries have done. I hope I’m wrong but that is what it felt like.

We haven’t used this bow much yet as it is not suitable for the child it was purchased for. However the visible quality of the materials it is made out of is low. The limbs look like a standard compound bow limb that attaches to the riser with two screws/bolts in the marketing pictures. What it really is, is a socket that the limb slides into that is fixed and a set screw where you would normally see a screw adjuster for draw weight. All the set screw does is hold the limb into the socket. The socket seem to be a fairly cheap composite/plastic. It seems to be a cross between a real bow and a toy bow material’s wise. All our other bows (9 or so of them) are between 50 and 15 years of age (at least four are Bears). All of them are just as good as when I got them. I would not expect this to last as long. I have other starter bows for my children that though simple/plain are of a quality that will last generations that cost half of what this one did that were purchased in the last 4 years. My youngest that this was for has been using her sisters starter bow but we wanted to get her one of her own rather than using her sisters. We are still in the market. Instead of trusting a brand name and ordering something online we are now shopping at local shops where we can put our hands on it first. Unfortunately until you hit the 50+ dollar range all bears stuff seems to be comparable to this one and the simpler recurves like what our older daughter has are not available.
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Customer Questions & Answers

Can this be switched so a left hander can use it?
Answer: Bear…. if can??t be switched to left handed then remove the ambidextrous claim from the description!

Left handed
Answer: You have to hold the bow in left hand and pull string with right hand – I hope this help.

Can you put sights on this bow?
Answer: This bow isn’t really made to have a sight put on it.

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