Mossy Oak Fixed Blade Hunting Knife Set – 3 Piece

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Top Positive Review

These knives surpassed my expectations even at the price point. You get two absolutely amazing knives as well as a surprisingly adequate skinning knife. All appear to be full tang with serious weight to them. Would buy for someone as a gift later because they are well worth a second purchase. I??d rate these knives 8.2/10

Top Critical Review

So you need to level set expectations before you buy this set: it’s cheap. That being said, cheap is sometimes ok and sometimes you only need “Ok”.

That out of the way, the set is “Ok”. The largest knife came with multiple chips in the blade that are quite bad. The gutting knife also suffered from a few lesser chips, but was better. The smallest knife is… well too small for anything useful IMO, but it didn’t have chips in it.

Despite the poor quality of the blade, they’re decently balanced. The largest blade fits my hand VERY well and the gutting knife also feels good. The small knife would be great for that dude from Scary Movie 2 (“Take my strong hand!!!”) or a toddler (not condoning that). The handles are not flush with the blade, which does mean that despite the fit, you may experience irritation or pinching.

The provided carrying case is decent enough that I won’t replace it, but the placement of the restraining straps is awkward at best.

That being said, a little elbow grease can take the chips out and they work for my purposes. I don’t know that I’ll use the gutting knife as my Gerber is MILES ahead of it in terms of quality, but as a set you can’t go wrong at this price.

I’d buy it again for myself, but wouldn’t gift it due to the quality issues mentioned above. It’s an “ok” set at an “ok” price. The world is run by C average students, so as mentioned before: “… sometimes you only need ‘Ok’.”

Customer Questions & Answers

How do I change the ??color?? to a 2 piece set?
Answer: Hi customer, 2-piece set is out of stock temporarily and it can be sold next week, please make a purchase few days later. Thanks for your support and understanding.

Is it possible to be shipped to Jordan by Amazon?
Answer: No.

What angle is it sharpend on 15, 20, 30 ect ?
Answer: 15

Where is it made?
Answer: It is made in China. We always keep moving and sell products of high quality.

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