OEELINE Airobow One Piece Recurve Bow 54in Professional Hunting Longbow Right and Left Hand Draw Weights in 30-50 lbs

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OEELINE Airobow One Piece Recurve Bow 54in Professional Hunting Longbow Right and Left Hand Draw Weights in 30-50 lbs
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The Recurve Bow made of Hard Ebony and High Strength clear Fiber glass,Excellent quality

Top Positive Review

So far I have gotten a Flemish Twist Fast Flight I bought for the bow and knocks on the bow and pulled it to my draw to find a 45 pound bow is pulling at 33 to 35 pounds most of the time. The Bow is good but Not quite what I want for eventual hunting but close to where if I get better at being at 35 pounds with the bow I will try to hunt.

Update for when I shoot with my bow: The Bow was amazing, it felt in grip Like a Bear Grizzly grip and kind of based off similar models like that but a tick better in the contour as well as in the shooting. The grip area needed to be a bit less smooth, the satin finish they used is not like other bows where that semi-gloss or thicker satin, even a matte finish creates a grip for the bow. The other thing is the bow is smaller in size for recurve but is made more for hunting so that people over 5 foot 5 inch or 165 cm can still use the short bow but probably not longer armed people or those over 6 foot or 183 cm since I feel that 29–30inches is about the max draw for the bow model.
Further update, the bow is a bit slick with the satin finish so I got some indoor/outdoor waterproof clear bathroom/pool type grip tape. I hope this helps the bow and my grip issues I have been having with the bow, only using a little of the tape in the grip area of the bow.

Top Critical Review

It’s an absolutely beautiful bow and fun to shoot, but what a painful process I had. Originally ordered a 30lb bow that arrived in a smashed package. When I opened the packaging I found a gouge in the string groove and figured quality control missed it. No problems sending it back. The second one came with a tear in the packaging all the way down to the bow which had a nice nick in it. No problems sending it back but I waited a day to reorder. When I ordered a third time they were out of the 30lb bows and I had to order a 40lb. So much for having my daughter shoot it. The third arrived with the package smashed and a hole in the bottom with the bow sticking through. Luckily the damage was only a light scuff on the tip finish that I was able to buff out. The bow is 5 star but the whole process was disheartening and that’s why I gave it a rating of 3.

Customer Questions & Answers

Is it possible to get this with an overall length of 62 inches?
Answer: Thanks for your information

At 54 inches long, this one-piece bow is a professional hunting bow!

sincerely invite you to try this bow, and if you are not satisfied with it, we will provide free return service!

can i get this bow in 55 lbs ?
Answer: Thank you for the info

Right now we don’t have 55 lbs, I will apply to the company to produce 55 lbs, please wait for my news

Does the bow come with a string and a bow stringer? thanks
Answer: Yes sir it does, the stringer works really well and the string is good quality, in that I have not needed to replace it for my son who shoots everyday for 2 hours since he got this bow.

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