OEELINE Airobow One Piece Recurve Bow 54in Professional Hunting Longbow Right and Left Hand Draw Weights in 30-50 lbs

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OEELINE Airobow One Piece Recurve Bow 54in Professional Hunting Longbow Right and Left Hand Draw Weights in 30-50 lbs
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The Recurve Bow made of Hard Ebony and High Strength clear Fiber glass,Excellent quality

Top Positive Review

So far I have gotten a Flemish Twist Fast Flight I bought for the bow and knocks on the bow and pulled it to my draw to find a 45 pound bow is pulling at 33 to 35 pounds most of the time. The Bow is good but Not quite what I want for eventual hunting but close to where if I get better at being at 35 pounds with the bow I will try to hunt.

Update for when I shoot with my bow: The Bow was amazing, it felt in grip Like a Bear Grizzly grip and kind of based off similar models like that but a tick better in the contour as well as in the shooting. The grip area needed to be a bit less smooth, the satin finish they used is not like other bows where that semi-gloss or thicker satin, even a matte finish creates a grip for the bow. The other thing is the bow is smaller in size for recurve but is made more for hunting so that people over 5 foot 5 inch or 165 cm can still use the short bow but probably not longer armed people or those over 6 foot or 183 cm since I feel that 29–30inches is about the max draw for the bow model.
Further update, the bow is a bit slick with the satin finish so I got some indoor/outdoor waterproof clear bathroom/pool type grip tape. I hope this helps the bow and my grip issues I have been having with the bow, only using a little of the tape in the grip area of the bow.

Top Critical Review

It’s an absolutely beautiful bow and fun to shoot, but what a painful process I had. Originally ordered a 30lb bow that arrived in a smashed package. When I opened the packaging I found a gouge in the string groove and figured quality control missed it. No problems sending it back. The second one came with a tear in the packaging all the way down to the bow which had a nice nick in it. No problems sending it back but I waited a day to reorder. When I ordered a third time they were out of the 30lb bows and I had to order a 40lb. So much for having my daughter shoot it. The third arrived with the package smashed and a hole in the bottom with the bow sticking through. Luckily the damage was only a light scuff on the tip finish that I was able to buff out. The bow is 5 star but the whole process was disheartening and that’s why I gave it a rating of 3.

Customer Questions & Answers

Could anyone tell me if this bow comes with knocks or bow string silencer?
Answer: It does not come with either. You will either have to shoot without the knocking points, which can be done well with enough practice, or go have a bow shop put some on for you.

Can this bow take a fast flight string?
Answer: This now should be able to handle the fast flight string. This now has a bamboo core with fiberglass on front and back and is one piece. Also go and check out Kramer Ammons on YouTube he has done reviews of bow strings that might be helpful.

Where is this bow made?
Answer: I’m not sure where it was made probably China but it’s got plenty of power and I would hunt with this bow.

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