Southwest Archery Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow ?C Compact Fast Accurate 62″ Hunting & Target Bow ?C Right & Left Hand ?C Draw Weights in 20-60 lb ?C Beginner to Intermediate – USA Company

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We??ve combined four naturally sourced wood to create this beautiful compact, accurate, lightweight bow that is the perfect choice for just about anyone looking for an easy learn!

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Customer Questions & Answers

what is the draw length?
Answer: Hello Clint, the draw weight of the Spyder is measured at 28″. However you can pull the bow as far as you need for your draw length, if you pull more than 28″ it will add about 2.5 pounds per inch over. It will also decrease about 1.5 pounds per inch if your draw length is less than 28″.

What bow is right for me?
Answer: It depends on what you are using it for. 45# blades are good for deer and bears. It’s a good middle weight in my opinion. Your handedness too can affect how comfortable a bow is. I’m ambidextrous. I generally write right handed, but shoot Bow and Gun left. You have to decide what’s comfortable for you.

My husband is about 6ft2. I measured for his draw length and it’s 31.2. What would be the appropriate weight to get him?
Answer: I have a 32″ draw. Get the xl limbs. The weight you see advertised is at 28″ add 2.5# per extra inch of draw. So for him to shoot 30# you’d want 20# limbs.

I am adult male roughly 140-150 lbs and I am about 5’7″ in height. My upper body strenghth is ok. What limb size do you recommend?

Your height and weight have nothing to do with your ability to draw a bow. If you are new to archery, choose the 20-25lb limbs and call it a day. There is nothing wrong with a light bow at all; they are fun, the arrows are fairly inexpensive, they’re won’t go through your back yard fence when you miss your target, and ??

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