A down cut bit is a router little bit developed to press the chips downward into the reducing groove rather than up as an up reduced style does. This causes a cleaner top edge on a dado or groove while additionally decreasing the tendency to raise thin work items throughout CNC routing.
One of the most typical usage for a down reduced spiral little bit is for making dados and superficial grooves, especially those where the sides will be visible when the job is finished. Nevertheless, this does require a slightly slower feed rate to provide the chips time to clean out of the cut.
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If you are confused regarding which little bit to utilize, the simplest method to inform is to have a look at what instructions the flutes are moving on the ideal side of the bit. If the flutes twist ideal in the direction of the pointer as they go around on the ideal side, after that it is an up reduced bit as well as will certainly leave a tidy leading surface area while leaving a rough lower edge (the component that the bit goes into).
Up cut bits are normally faster cutting as well as can be used for mortise and also tenons or various other grooving, slotting or routing deep blind openings where an effective chip evacuating style is required. They can likewise be utilized to make fine finish job such as veneers, laminates, inlays as well as fixings.
Another way to inform is to hold the little bit in your hand as well as transform it slowly. As you do so, discover just how the light reviews the tip of the bit as well as if it goes upward as you revolve the little bit after that it is an up cut.

A down cut little bit has sharp flutes that push the chips downward right into the reducing groove instead than upward as an up reduced layout does. This decreases the propensity to raise thin work items during CNC router directing and also aids with tearing or cracking on your job piece.
While this does cause a cleaner leading edge on a groove or dados, it additionally reduces the efficiency of the little bit in removing chips from the material also. This is a trouble when cutting deep openings or dados where the chips can obtain caught in the cut as well as trigger it to overheat or damage.
Due to this absence of a strong chip ejection capacity, a down reduced layout is not optimal for routing through thicker product such as plywood as well as melamine. It will need a slower feed rate to allow the chips to clean out of the cut prior to they start to gather.